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Intensive Couples Therapy

I offer intensive therapy sessions for couples who are looking for immediate consultation. Sessions are done over the course of 2-3 days totaling 8-10 hours with breaks. 

Intensive couples therapy sessions cultivate a safe space to share with one another and  gain a deeper understanding of how you’re feeling in your relationship.  We will discuss the strengths and challenges in your relationship as well as address on-going area of concerns.  You will identify how you and your partner impact one another and gain an understanding of what you need to create a relationship that is supportive and connected.

Similar to traditional couples therapy sessions, there are limitations regarding who would benefit from intensive couples therapy.  The work done in intensive sessions is the same as what's done in traditional couples therapy but in a shorter amount of time.  Intensive therapy sessions benefit couples who do not have time to attend weekly therapy or those who want to focus on their relationship in a short amount of time.  The best candidates are committed to the relationship and have identified areas of the relationship that need support from both partners.


Couples who present with the following will not benefit from intensive sessions. 

  • Couples who present with safety concerns

  • Couples who present with hx of emotional abuse or physical abuse

  • Couples who are involved in on-going affairs

  • couples who have suicidal ideations

  • couples with untreated mental health or addiction issues

Please email to inquire. Pre-screening is conducted and a deposit is required upon scheduling. 

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