Couples Counseling

Welcome to couples counseling, your judgement free zone to build connection and security with one another.   As human beings, our brains are hard wired for connection.  That means we need people.  From childhood to adulthood we need to know that someone is looking out for us. We need to know we are seen, heard, valued, loved, wanted, desired and so much more.  I am a firm believer in the power of healing relationships and know that as human beings, we all need connection to thrive. It's difficult to feel 100% if our relationships aren't satisfying and right. 

If you are uneasy or unsure about investing in couples therapy, don’t hesitate any longer.  Relational satisfaction is a key component to your mental well-being.  We are meant to connect with others.  So it makes sense that when our relationships are in distress, feelings of sadness and loneliness creep into our life.  Whether you are dealing with on-going conflict, communication issues, loss of connection, or violations of trust, I can be your relationship consultant to further explore what’s going on and help you figure out what you want for your relationship.   

​The decision to seek couples counseling requires a commitment of your time, emotional capacity and finances.  I use a model of therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) which is a cutting edge model that has been proven to help couples restore their emotional bond.  You can read more about Emotionally Focused Therapy here or by visiting:

While it is hard to pre-determine how many sessions you will need; here is how our sessions are typically structured:


Session 1 & 2 (75-90 minutes couple)

Session 3 & 4 (45-60 mins individual session)

Session 4+ (60-75 mins) (couple)

In our work together, we will attempt to accomplish the following:

  • Gain an overview of the feelings in your relationship

  • Understand how you interact and the impact it has on your relationship.

  • Work on having transformative conversations that will help you share your feelings, deepen your understanding, longings, and desires for one another.

  • Discuss ways to build your relationship and create lasting change.

Because emotional safety is essential to our work together, I am unable to work with the following:

  • People who cannot commit to creating and maintaining a safe environment (continual yelling, cursing, hx of emotional abuse/physical violence, continually threating to end relationship)

  • People with untreated mental health or addiction issues that severely impact the relationship.

  • People who are engaged in on-going extramarital affairs or relationships without intention of stopping.  I can work with healing after an affair, as long as the affair is over.

  • People who do not agree to meet with me for an individual session during the assessment process. 

Intensive Therapy Sessions

I offer intensive therapy sessions as an alternative to those who want to work on their relationship but do not or cannot do traditional couples therapy.  Click here for more information.