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BIPOC Clients

Welcome! Therapy is about healing.  Healing is something that we need and deserve.  Racial trauma, collective grief, the continued fight for social justice, we all have something to heal from whether we recognize the immediate impact or not.  Left untreated and ignored, these feelings of uncertainty and sadness manifest into self-questioning, self doubt, loss of connection, hopelessness and helplessness which are related to anxiety and depression.


Therapy is for you and it's safe to come here and talk about your pain, your anger, your fear. You are not alone in the feelings you carry.  You don't have to continue to feel alone or that you have to hold it all in.  Whether you want to discuss your feelings or just your experiences as a BIPOC navigating the world, I hold space for you to reflect on what you're experiencing and to make sense of it.  

As a therapist who is culturally humble and attuned, I am here for you.  I grew up surrounded by refugees and immigrants with limited resources and established some of the strongest friendships and connections that I still maintain and value today.  I can't emphasize enough the healing power of strong relationships and having people in your life who just get it, whether it be just understanding you or your experiences.  I've had to do a lot of exploring between my own two cultural identities and what my parents embedded into me growing up vs what I wanted for myself as an Asian-American woman. 


While I try to educate myself on many social issues, I am no expert and my hope is that you find comfort not only in someone who looks like you, but someone who may have some of the same lived experiences as you that can’t be replicated or understood through an article or text book.  

Whether this is your first time in therapy or you're looking for a new therapist, don't hesitate to reach out.  This is your place to be seen and heard, I have special interest in working with people from first and second generation immigrant and refugee families. 

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